We are not looking for customers for our products. We are looking for products for our customers. Your need is our mission.

We have 10,000 square feet devoted to helping our customers find solutions to structural repairs, obsolete component manufacturing, and turnkey fabrication and machining needs. Combined with our selection of new and used construction equipment parts, we can find you what you need.

Fabrication Based On Your Projects

We employ the best. Our D1.1 & D1.5 certified welders have years of experience in structural fabrications and repairs and their talent sets us apart. Our machinists are highly skilled in CNC manufacturing and stay on the cutting edge of tooling and CAM software. Add CAD professionals who not only understand the software, but more importantly, understand the project and explore the most efficient paths to achieve quality results once the drawing hits the shop floor. Our team prides themselves on a quality product, done on time and on budget.

Your project is important to you and each project is different. That's why we don't simply lump all projects into a predefined category. We work with you to find the best solution to the problem you're facing. We weigh schedules and economics, and we communicate throughout. You're part of the process, not a victim of the process.

You'll notice the difference. Even with the best welding machines, working steel is hard, doing it right and doing it on schedule takes talented people and Powerful Solutions. You'll find both at F&M MAFCO.

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F&M MAFCO has been providing tools & equipment since 1945. We specialize in heavy rigging, cranes and crane parts, crane rental, on-site tooling, construction tools and supplies, welding equipment, fabrication, safety equipment, hoist, derricks, and other unique items that may be difficult to find from a single provider.
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