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Heavy Equipment
F&M MAFCO is known internationally as a dependable and well respected company who meets the tooling and equipment needs of the power industry, and has a large fleet of specialized construction and rigging equipment.

We supply power plants, paper mills, coal preparation plants, steel mills, petrochemical plants, sewage treatment plants and industrial facilities around the world with their rigging equipment needs.

From the smallest winch to a hoist with 350,000 pound single line pull and capacity to spool almost 2 miles of 2” wire rope, F&M MAFCO has the hoist for you, including special rigging applications, duty cycle work, barge moving and derrick operations. Even if you do not need a permanent hoist, we offer plenty of options for chain hoist rentals.

F&M MAFCO supplies stiff-leg and guy derricks to 600 ton, hoists to 350,000 pound line pull, heavy lift gin poles and 1,000 ton capacity and portable stiff-leg derricks to 35 ton. Various masts and boom lengths are available to meet your requirements.

Consult with F&M MAFCO when determining cranes for your next project. We have the expertise to assist you in selecting the right crane for your application. Our rental fleet has a complete selection of crane rental options to choose from including tower and heavy lift attachments.

F&M MAFCO has the capacity to lift large vessels, steam drums, superheat headers, feed water heaters, as well as smaller or space limited picks. Blocks of all types are available from 4” single-sheave snatch blocks to 1,000 ton rigging blocks. We have a large inventory of cat-heads and other specialty rigging equipment. If your job calls for a monorail system, we can supply you with beam trolleys, beams, and air-chain hoists up to 100 ton. Our complete splicing facilities will prepare the correct wire rope assembly for your lift.

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F&M MAFCO has been providing tools & equipment since 1945. We specialize in heavy rigging, cranes and crane parts, crane rental, on-site tooling, construction tools and supplies, welding equipment, fabrication, safety equipment, hoist, derricks, and other unique items that may be difficult to find from a single provider.
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