Major Used Equipment for Sale

Browse through our major used equipment including: yard cranes, aerial boom lifts, forklifts, welders, air compressors, scissor lifts, light towers, generators, and misc. items. Please note: This is only a portion of what is available for sale. Please contact an F&M MAFCO representative for any specific needs.

Cranes11991 Grove # RT760 60 Ton Hyd. Rough Terrain Crane w/ 110' 4-Section Power Boom 3208 Cat Diesel & 29.5x25 Tires Ohio$110,000.00
Cranes12003 Broderson # IC-803F 8.5 Ton 4x4 4-Wheel Steer Carry Deck Crane w/ Dual Fuel 30' Boom w/ 10' Jib, Open Cab (4079 Hrs.) Ohio$39,000.00
Forklift11979 Taylor # T-90-TC 90,000# Rough Terrain Forklift Detroit Diesel Dual Front Tires w/ 9' Forks & 16' Wide Mast Enclosed Cab (9870 Hrs.)Louisiana$120,000.00
Forklift11995 Clark # GPX50E 8000# Pneumatic Tired Forklift 6 cyl. LP Powered 3-Stage Mast w/ Side Shift (4317 Hrs.)Nevada$14,000.00
Air Compessors12008 IR # XP375WCU 375 CFM Air Compressor w/ Cummins DieselOhio$14,500.00
Air Compessors12008 Sullair # 185DPQ 185 CFM Air Compressor w/ JD Diesel (1390 Hrs.)Ohio$8,000.00
Welders/Generators12007 Lincoln # 500SS Vantage 500 Amp Diesel Welder Cage Mtd (5353 Hrs.) Ohio$8,500.00
Welders/Generators22008 Lincoln # 300SS Vantage 300 Amp Diesel Welders Cage Mtd (4336 & 5493 Hrs.) Ohio$7,000.00
Welders/Generators12008 Lincoln # 400SS Vantage 400 Amp Diesel Welder w/ Trl. (5353 Hrs.) Ohio$7,500.00
Welders/Generators12008 Miller Air Pak Duetz Diesel Welders/Compressors CC/CV w/ Trl. & Cold Weather Package (3038 Hrs.)Ohio$12,000.00
Welders/Generators12005 Miller DUOP Duetz Diesel Welder w/ Trl. (4906 Hrs.) Ohio$7,500.00
Welders/Generators32006-2005 Miller Trailblazer 275 DC Gas Welders 20HP Kohler 10,000 Watt (3604/3652/3752 Hrs.)Ohio$2,400.00
Welders/Generators12004 Miller Mark VIII 8-Pack Electric WelderOhio$5,000.00
Welders/Generators12001 Miller Mark VIII 8-Pack Electric WelderOhio$4,000.00
Aerial Lifts12006 Genie # S125 125' 4x4 Aerial Lift Powered by Duetz Diesel (3313 Hrs.)Ohio$85,000.00
Aerial Lifts12006 Genie # S125 125' 4x4 Aerial Lift Powered by Cummins Diesel (2600 Hrs.)Nevada$85,000.00
Aerial Lifts12008 Genie # Z45/25 45' 4x4 Articulating Z-Boom Aerial Lift Perkins Diesel (2038 Hrs.) Ohio$26,500.00
Aerial Lifts11999 JLG # 450A 45' Articulating Aerial Lift Dual FuelOhio$16,500.00
Light Towers12011 Terex # AL400 Light Tower w/ Kubota Diesel (1136 Hrs.)Nevada$6,000.00
Light Towers62011 Terex # Al400 Light Towers w/ Kubota Diesel (7000 to 9000 Hrs.)Nevada$5,000.00

* While supplies last. Quantity and pricing subject to change without notice.