Crane Slings

QC21 is our Quality Control System for the 21st-century industrial slings. It gives us the opportunity to expand our global presence in hoist and specialty crane rigging equipment. Our goal is to build the best sling products available anywhere in the world. We offer a complete line of rigging equipment for sale and lifting essentials.

Wire Rope Slings

We offer a full line of wire rope slings from a simple eye and eye, to a large capacity 9-part capable of the most specialized lift.

Alloy Chain Slings

QC21 chain slings are assembled using only proof-tested, grade 80 or 100 alloy steel chain and components. Identification, including accurate reach information, either meets or exceeds industry standards. We provide the user with necessary data for inspection, repair, and replacement.

Polyester Round Slings

Our QC21 round slings are made of high-quality polyester fibers. They are encased in double wall, seamless, polyester jackets that protect the inner, load-bearing fibers. These durable and flexible slings can grip loads without scratching the surface of the product being handled. Color coded jackets help ensure the correct sling is used for the weight being handled. Our lightweight slings handle and store easily.

Web Slings

We offer a vast variety of web sling types. Our synthetic web slings are manufactured from woven nylon webbing.
Q-Edge polyester web slings resist edge cutting far better than conventional web slings. They have a special edge treatment; blue polymer yarns are woven into the critical edges of the webbing that provides substantially increased resistance to cutting and wear. This treatment results in longer sling life and reduces overall sling costs. In addition, the polyester slings reduce stretch more than 50 percent compared to nylon.

Edge Guard

Wear pads, made from cordura or polyester, are available and can protect the slings from cutting and abrasion, extending their life substantially. They are also resistant to most acids.

Clear Choice Sling Tags

Our slings have clear view tags. They are the most durable and highly visible tags in the industry. Our patent pending sling tags are bi-lingual, water-resistant and fade-resistant.

Testing & Certification

Our quality testing and inspection are vital. F&M MAFCO, along with our heavy equipment repair service, has the in-house capability to conduct accurate tensile tests. A Roberts 450,000 lb test machine provides documentation to support working load limitations and design factors.

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