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Stay Tube Access Platforms

Project: Goethals Bridge, Connecting Elizabeth New Jersey to Staten Island New York.

The fabricated access platforms were supplied to a large civil contractor for use on the new Goethals Bridge construction. In this case our customer provided engineered drawings for us to produce shop drawings and prior to us starting fabrication. This platform is one of several temporary platforms that were used for access to the stay tube connection points at the roadway of this bridge. This platform will support men and equipment to aide in the connection of the support cables at the roadway level. These platforms are designed to be unbolted and moved as the construction of the bridge deck progresses. Along with structural steel fabrication, F&M MAFCO can also install steel / wood decking and has the ability to prep, prime and paint any component at our facility. Contact us to learn more about our custom fabrication services!

 Stay Tube Access Platforms

4Stay Tube Access Platforms

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