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Edge Girder Floor Beam Picking Device

Early in the construction of a cable-stayed bridge project located in the New Jersey/ New York area our customer contacted F&M MAFCO to provide fabrication and assembly of 4 lifting beams for their project. Due to the design of the bridge not just any standard lifting beam could be used. The customer provided us engineered drawings of a three component beam that would be remotely controlled with the use of (8) hydraulic rams. This project was far from a typical fabrication job, the scope also included load testing of each component, procuring / installing a complete hydraulic control system, blast, prime, paint, assembly and finally shipping to the site. The multiple aspects of this job allows us to stand out utilizing our CAD detailer, fabrication shop, heavy equipment department, heavy equipment paint shop and logistics department providing a single source partner that the customer can rely on. Contact us to learn more about our custom fabrication services!

Custom Fabricated Edge Girder Floor Beam Picking Device

5Custom Fabricated Edge Girder Floor Beam Picking Device

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