New Parts
At F&M MAFCO we manufacture and maintain a complete line of aftermarket crane parts for Manitowoc 3900, 4000, 4100, 4600; American 900, 1100. We continually part out your top manufacturer machines including: American, Manitowoc, P&H, Lima, and Link-Belt. With over 2,000 pieces of boom and jib in stock, plus drums, laggings, gears, clutches and other replacement pieces we have all your “hard to find” parts too. 
Here are few items in our inventory. Can’t find what you are looking for? We are glad to help; just give us a call!

Cable Wire Rope 
Boom Connecting Pins
Sheaves, Hook Blocks & Swivels
Clutch & Brake Bands
Air Chambers & Roto Chambers
Air & Hydraulic Valves
Overrunning Clutches
Bearings & Bushings
Gears, Sprockets & Shafts
Tagline Winders 
Complete Undercarriage & Carbody’s
Electrical & Mechanical Components
Roller Paths & Turntable Bearing
Boom & Jib
Side Frames and Components

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